The Single Most Important Revelation

Allow me to share a mind-blowing revelation with you. If you never get anything else from me, I hope you get this. At first it might seem like common sense, but I encourage you to stick with me for a few minutes. Are you ready?

God loves you.

It’s one of those statements that you hear a lot, but you really need to think about it.

God loves you.

We can disagree on everything else, but this is the one truth in the entire Bible we have to agree on. 

God loves you.

“This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son*…”

(John 3:16 MSG)


Can you imagine? I have three children and it doesn’t matter how much I love someone else, I’m not giving up any of my kids for them!

Not only did God send His Son to the world, He sent Him to the world knowing what was going to happen to Him. He knew He would be mocked and beaten. He knew He would be stripped of His clothes and humiliated. He knew He would be forced to carry the very cross He would be nailed to through the streets while people just watched. He knew those nails would be driven through His hands and feet. He knew that even though He never committed a single sin, He would be punished as if He committed all of them. He knew He would do all those things for a world who didn’t even love Him back.

When you think there is no possible way that God could love you, remember what He did for the entire world. God doesn’t just love the ones who love Him back. He loves the world. If He can love the people who hate Him, what makes you think your past is preventing Him from loving you?

If you believe that God loved His Son, what does it say about His feelings toward you that He would send that Son to die on your behalf?

It’s so important that you get this.

God loves you.

Clint Zeller