Living Free

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Have you ever heard someone talk about the freedom found in Christ and wonder what they’re talking about? We sing songs about it, talk about it at church, and everyone seems to get excited about it, but what’s to get excited about? How can we rejoice in freedom, but continue to feel the pressures that this world seems to throw at us every day? It doesn’t seem to make sense!

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
John 8:32

People commonly quote this verse as Jesus saying, “The truth will set you free!” While that’s not completely false, that’s not what He said. Truth alone isn’t what frees you, it's the knowledge of the truth that will set you free. I love how the Message Bible translates this  verse:

Then you will experience for yourselves the truth, and the truth will free you.
John 8:32 (MSG)

The truth isn’t just something we talk about on Sunday mornings, it’s something we can experience! As you grow in your knowledge of the truth, you will begin to see it manifest in every area of your life. Learning the truth of who God is will open you up to receive all of His good and precious promises through His amazing grace!

That sounds great, but how do you experience the truth? I’m glad you asked! As you renew your mind to the truth of who God is, you will experience it through healing, prosperity, peace that surpasses understanding, joy unspeakable, and so much more!

God is so good that He doesn’t want you to go through life sick, poor, and depressed. He’s provided a way out of the dark places we find ourselves in. That doesn’t mean you won’t come across bad times, we still live in a fallen world, but knowing the truth will allow you to look at those situations in a completely different way.

I didn’t grow up knowing who God truly was and I had no idea what was available to me. When I left the Army in 2010, I was going through multiple emotional and physical pains, including PTSD, severe anger problems, atrial fibrillation, and pain throughout my entire body. I was never against healing, I just didn’t know it was an option. As I began learning the truth about healing in scripture and about how God really feels about me, I was finally able to receive the healing God had already provided for me through his death and resurrection. To this day I have experienced freedom from every single one of those horrible things.

As a child of God, you don’t have to allow life to knock you around. When you get pushed down, you can get back up knowing that God has your back. He’s alive on the inside of you and wants you to live a life that’s better than you could ever dream of. Knowing the truth will help you live free from the being consumed by pain of this world—physical and emotional. Be confident in the fact that the things you’re going through today will be a distant memory a year from now. You don’t have to suffer in defeat like the rest of the world. God loves you more than you could ever imagine and wants you to live a life of complete freedom. That’s the truth!