Whether you grew up in church or you’re just trying something new, we want you to feel welcome at Grace Life Church!




church for people who don’t like church

Sundays at 10 am

ELLISOR elementary

33040 Egypt Ln

The Woodlands, TX 77354




  • A Casual Atmosphere

    • Our dress code is simple: wear something! We care about YOU, not what you’re wearing. Feel free to come in jeans, shorts, or whatever is comfortable. Grab a hot cup of free coffee from our coffee bar and sit wherever you’d like! We will NOT single you out publicly or ask you to say anything, and we do NOT expect guests to contribute anything financially.


  • Nice People

    • The people of Grace Life Church are some of the friendliest people you will meet! Everyone involved in our church is excited to answer any questions you might have.

    • Nobody is perfect. We’ve all had issues in our lives and want everyone who comes to Grace Life to come expecting the answers to some of the problems they have experienced.


  • A Fun, Safe Environment For Children

    • We understand the love you have for your children and want you to feel comfortable leaving them in the nursery or children’s church. If you bring your kids, you’ll check them in and out each Sunday at our Check-In table using a special labeling system and our security volunteers will monitor the halls during the service.

    • Babies and toddlers ages 0-3 are cared for by loving volunteers in the nursery.

    • Children ages 4-10 will experience awesome grace-based teachings from the most loving teachers you’ll meet!


  • New Covenant Worship and Teaching

    • Don’t be surprised when some people raise their hands as a sign of praise while singing, and don’t feel obligated to do so yourself. We create an atmosphere of freedom in our services.

    • In every service you will hear the new covenant teachings of the gospel. We believe that when you encounter the unconditional love and grace of God, you will see a change in every other area of your life.

    • Similar Teachers include: Andrew Wommack, Creflo Dollar, and Joseph Prince.





If you have any other questions about what you can expect at Grace Life Church, contact us!